Full-scale tests of the pump unit of АDV 700-1000 model were carried out successfully

The testing laboratory of JSC “NASOSENERGOMASH Sumy” has successfully carried out full-scale tests of the pump unit of ADV 700-1000 model and double entry pump with vertical shaft configuration. The pump of DV 700-1000 was designed under Q=6500 m3/h, Н=79 m, motor power – 1800 kW, 750 rpm, 6000 V. The pumps of DV type are designed to supply water and liquids having properties similar to water properties as regards to viscosity and chemical activity. Pump unit of АDV 700-10 model is vertical, single stage, centrifugal pump with a double-entry impeller (impeller material is steel 20Х13Л). The pump casing is manufactured from high-grade cast iron (ВЧ 500-7) and base assembly unit, axially split and is composed of cast volute casing and cover. The nozzles are oriented to the opposite sides about pump axis. The motor is installed higher than water level and is connected by means of countershafts.

Thus, JSC “NASOSENERGOMASH Sumy” declares mastering of new dimension range of the double entry pumps with vertical shaft configuration.

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