20 NV Series Vertical Line-Shaft, Multistage Wet-Pit

Designe transferring and pumping crude oil and refined products with temperatures ranging from minus 15°C to +80°C as well as water out of underground storage tanks. USTs of the standard line have various capacity and various burial depth without exceeding 15 m. The pumps can be applied for any such USTs, the required pump submergence (distance from the pump mounting surface to the lowest point of its suction nozzle) being obtained by changing the number of rising main (column pipe) elements.

Vertically suspended, wet-pit submerged multistage ring-section centrifugal pumps with bowl-type vaned casings. Back wear rings balance the axial hydraulic forces. Bottom intake with open line shaft design. Driven by a motor from the ground level with shaft extending below ground to the pump. In case of the pump 24 NV 18×1 its rotor is carried by the oil-lubricated top thrust and radial antifriction bearing and the medium lubricated bottom and intermediate hydrodynamic plain bearings. Shaft sealing: by mechanical seal. Made in compliance with Transneft’s General and Specific Engineering Requirements (OTT and STT resp.).

Nos Pump make Capacity, m3/h Head, m Rotational speed (synchr.), rpm Motor nominal power, ​kW
1 20 NV 22х3 600 65 1500 160
2 20 NV 22х2 600 43 1500 160
3 24 NV 18х1 1200 40 1500 250

20 NV

Design by "TriA"