AVZ, NVZ, AVPl Series Oil-Sealed Plunger Vacuum

АВЗ-20ДSlide-valve controlled vacuum pumps NVZ and pumping sets AVZ, as well as plunger vacuum pumping sets AVPl are designed for evacuation of air, non-corrosive vapours and gas-vapour mixtures out of the closed hermetically sealed vacuum systems.

The pump units are economical and are widely used in various industries: machine-building, metallurgy, electrical engineering, electronic industry, for the production of foodstuffs, microbiologic specimens, medicines and in other branches of industry. Suitable as backing pumps for high vacuum plants.

The AVPl series vacuum pumping sets are mostly efficient: for drying electrical engineering products, for the use in the production of building materials, in the drying and evaporator systems.

The NVZ pumps and AVZ series pumping sets can run at the ambient temperatures within plus 10°C to 35°C.

The pumping sets AVPl-25, 2AVPl-30, AVPl-90T and AVPl-180Т may be operated under roof at the ambient temperatures within minus 5°C to plus 35°C.

AVZ-20D, AVPl-25 and 2AVPl-30 are air-cooled, the rest of pumping sets are water-cooled.

Oil tank of 2AVPl-30, AVPl-90Т and AVPl-180Т has a built-in filter for cleaning exhaust gases from oil mist.

The pumping set 2AVPl-30 features a lubrication system that enables its operation in a wide range of inlet pressures.

The pumping set AVPl-380 has a lubrication system that rules out the possibility of ingress of dirty working oil inside the bearings.

AVPl-380 has been designed for the replacement of NVZ-300 . AVPl-25 and 2AVPl-30 have been designed for the replacement of AVZ-20D in the production facilities where the development of high vacuum is not required.

Nos Pump unit

(pump) make


speed, l/s,

Ultimate residual


kPa (mm Hg),

not more

Nominal power

of the motor,


1 AVZ-20D 20 1.1х10-3(8х10-3) 2.2
2 AVPl-25 25 6.7х10-3(5х10-2) 3
3 2AVPl-30 25 6.7х10-3(5х10-2) 3
4 AVZ-63D 63 6.7х10-4(5х10-3) 7.5
5 AVZ-90 90 6.7х10-3(5х10-2) 11
6 AVPl-90Т 90 6.7х10-3(5х10-2) 11
7 AVZ-125D 125 6.7х10-4(5х10-3) 15
8 AVZ-180 180 6.7х10-3(5х10-2) 15
9 AVZ-180K 180 6.7х10-3(5х10-2) 18.5
10 AVPl-180Т 180 6.7х10-3(5х10-2) 15
11 AVPl-380 380 6.7х10-3(5х10-2) 37
12 NVZ-500 560 6.7х10-3(5х10-2) 55

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