CN Series End Suction, with Overhung Impeller

ЦН The pumps CN 120, CN 150, CN 180 and CN 200 are designed for circulating boiler water at temperatures of up to 250ºC (up to 315ºC in case CN 200-40 make) through the steam-generating circuit of a waste-heat boiler.

The CN 100-9 pump make is designed for circulating slurry having pH ranging from 9.5 to 11.0 at the temperature of 5 to 95ºC in the VTI type clarifier.

CN 150-7, CN 100-15, CN 120-15 and CN 200-40: Electrically driven, side-suction, barrel-insert inducer single stage centrifugal pumps between bearings. The rotor is carried by oil-ring lubricated ball bearings. Shaft sealing: mechanical seal. Casing mounting: either on the baseplate, or suspended with attachment at the nozzles, the driving torque being transmitted by means of a universal joint. CN 120-35, CN 180-55 and CN 100-15: Electrically driven, horizontal foot-mounted single-stage end suction volute-casing centrifugal pumps with overhung impeller and bearing bracket. Discharge nozzle radially to the top. The pump rotor is carried by grease-lubricated antifriction bearings. Shaft sealing: by a mechanical seal. CN 100-9 features a back pull-out design (which allows removal of the rotor assembly without separating the pump casing from the pipeline), an open impeller, a balanced soft-packed gland, oil- or grease-lubricated antifriction bearings. Axial thrust balancing by dynamic action of back blades. Steam inlet connection is provided for flushing the pump after its stopping.

Nos Pump make Capacity, m3/h Head, m Rotational speed (synchr.), rpm

Motor nominal power, ​ ​kW

1 CN 100-9 100 9 600 6
2 CN 100-15 100 15 1500 7.5
3 CN 150-7 150 7 1500 6
4 CN 120-15 120 15 1500 11
5 CN 120-35 120 35 3000 30
6 CN 180-55 180 55 3000 55
7 CN 200-40 200 40 3000 37

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