DN Series Double Flow Axially Split

ДНUsed as booster pumps for main pipeline pumps that transport crude oil or oil products, as transfer pumps in tank farms and as loading pumps for filling of rail tank wagons at the oil refineries or tank ships at the sea terminals.

Electrically driven, horizontal foot-mounted, between-bearings, single-stage, double-suction, axially split double-volute casing centrifugal pumps. Pump nozzles integrally cast with the lower casing half are oriented horizontally to the opposite sides that makes its rotor accessible for maintenance without piping detachment.

The rotor is carried by the grease lubricated antifriction bearings. Shaft sealing: mechanical seals, which are in compliance with the requirements of Standard API 682.

The pump design allows the replacement of mechanical seals by packed glands.

The pump and motor are mounted on a common rigid base plate. The driving torque is transmitted by means of a diaphragm flexible coupling or pin-and-bushing flexible coupling.

Nos Pump make Capacity, m3/h Head, m Rotational speed (synchr.), rpm

Motor nominal power, kW

1 DN 1250-65 1250 65 1500 1000
2 DN 600-80 600 80 1500 800


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