КОШUsed for pumping condensate in the steam and water circuit systems of the thermal power stations that burn organic fuel and to transfer water in heating plants and water supply systems.

Flexibly coupled, electrically driven horizontal foot-mounted single-stage (KOSH) or double-stage (2KOSH) end suction volute-casing centrifugal pumps with an inducer, overhung impeller(s) and bearing bracket. The pump rotor is carried by grease-lubricated anti-friction bearings. Shaft sealing: by a soft-packed gland or a mechanical seal.

Nos Pump make Capacity, m3/h Head, m Rotational speed, (synchr.), rpm Motor nominal power, kW
1 KOSH 80-200 125 55 3000 30
2 2KOSH 80-250 125 140 3000 75

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