A20NDsN-M1 and ANGPN-M booster oil pumps manufactured by JSC “”NASOSENERGOMASH Sumy’’ have been proven as one of the most reliable models of the pumping equipment for pipeline oil transportation. Many years of operational experience,


Designed according to the Customer’s specific requirements, motor pump units of АЦНСгМ 16-306-01 УХЛ2 model proved to be reliable equipment at site for handling of oil-water mixture with dissolved gas content up to 10


Modern main line pump units are manufactured by JSC “NASOSENERGOMASH Sumy” on the basis of NM 2.1 pumps. The batch consisting of 10 main line pump units designed for transporting of tank oil through


The pump is capable of handling more than 3500 l of water per 1 second. The manufactured batch of the pumps of Д 12500 model has passed a set of full-scale tests in the


The main parameters of the manufactured motor pump units of AMG 80L/14×260-308/CN model are the following: Q=120 m3/h, Н=1080m, n=3000rpm, NPSHR=3,5m. The unique combination of high head, generated by the pump and low net


The pumping units of demineralized water for the III and IV blocks of NPP “Kudankulam” (India) – ACNA 160-145 were manufactured and prepared for shipment. The units are designed to feed the secondary circuit


JSC “Sumy plant“ Nasosenergomash ”has mastered new exclusive equipment – pumps of the CNS type with a capacity of over 400 m3 / h in a back-to-back design, without a hydropath assembly. At the


JSC “NASOSENERGOMASH Sumy” has supplied first-lift condensate pumps of АКсВА1800-170 model for power unit No.1 for Rooppur NPP, Bangladesh. These are the first vertical pumps having such capacity, which were designed for supply to

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