Pumping equipment

Such pumping equipment of NASOSENERGOMASH’s manufacture is in demand most of all:

Standard centrifugal pumps – API-610

Boiler Feed Pumps- CNS 3, CNSg, CNSgM, PE

Boiler Acid Pickling Pumps – MSK

Condensate Extraction Pumps – KO, 2KO, 3KO, KOSH, 2KOSH, Ks, KsV, KsD

Boiler Feed Booster Pumps – PD

Waterflood Pumps for Secondary Oil Recovery – CNS,CNSz,CNSp,CNSDp

District Heating Pumps – D(DV), SE

Pumps for NPS Services – CNSg, CNSgM, PE, MSK, KO, 2KO, 3KO, KOSH, 2KOSH,KsV, Ks, KsD, PD, SE, PTA-3750, PTA-3800, PEA, KsVA, CNA, CNSA, CNR, CNA sup.syst.

Pumps for Crude Oil and Refined Products – NPV, NM, NG, NCN-E, 20NDsN-M, NOU, NMV, 20NV, DN, CNSn, NGPN-M, NPS-M

Pumps for Metallurgical Industry – CNS

Pumps for Chemical Industry – HB, CNA, CNR, MSK

General Purpose Pumps for Industrial Service – D, D(DV), CN, 14M8x4-1, K, KSH

Pumps for Steam Turbine Controlling Systems – MKG, MV, MKV

Pumps for Sugar Refining and Woodworking Industries – SKM, SE, D

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