MKV Cantilever Single-Stage Volute-Casing

МКВDesigned to deliver turbine oil into the oil supply and control systems for turbine plants. They can be also used in stationary installations for handling various lube oils similar to turbine oil in their physical and chemical properties.

MKV Series Pumps: motor driven, vertically suspended, cantilever single-stage volute-casing wet sump centrifugal pump with a separate discharge and a single entry radial impeller. The pump rotor is carried by the lower plain bearing and upper anti-friction bearing. Shaft sealing: slit seal. The cover plate of an oil inlet sump serves as support plate for the pump.

Nos Pump make Capacity, m3/h Head, ​ m Rotational speed (synchr.), rpm Motor nominal power, ​kW
1 MKV 200-36 200 36 1500 45
2 MKV 200-36а 190 29 1500 30
3 MKV 200-36б 180 25 1500 30
4 MKV 200-36в 120 23 1500 16


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