Workers’ health

Recovery of employees of the enterprise – members of the trade union.

The trade union committee is entrusted with the organization of the health and recreation of our employees and their families, as well as the development of physical education and sports. Complex activities include: spa treatment, organization of leisure and recreation for employees and their families. Traditionally organized winter and summer recreation of our employees. For winter vacations, health tours are purchased in the village of Vorokhta in the Oksamit Tourist and Health Center. In summer, for relaxing on the Black Sea, an agreement is concluded with the Ruta Hotel (Zatoka resort). The administration and the trade union committee are making efforts to preserve the children’s recreation camp “Solnechny”. And as a result, in the summer period there are 3 shifts lasting 21 days. All applications of employees who wish to improve their children are satisfied. All vouchers of reduced cost, and several vouchers for preferential categories of our employees are allocated free of charge. In connection with the frequent appeals of members of the trade union organization to the trade union regarding the issuance of vouchers for rehabilitation in the sanatorium of Ukraine, at the expense of the trade union funds, trips to sanatorium-resort institutions of Ukraine are acquired, the treatment profiles of which correspond to the most frequent requests of union members. These and many other things that the trade union deals with are aimed, first of all, at increasing the social security of workers and at improving the moral and psychological climate in the team.


On June 15, the first shift was opened at the camp of JSC Sumy Plant Nasosnergomash Solnechny.

This year is not a simple date, but the 50th anniversary of the opening! By this day, buildings were repaired, new furniture was purchased in the rooms for children and for the dining room. The children, parents and guests were solemnly congratulated by the chairman of the board, O. Kovtun, the chairman of the trade union committee, Bespalaya TV, the head of the AChS, Martyshko A. F. .. They presented toys and gifts to the children. On the first shift in the camp, 105 kids in 4 squads are resting. Sports competitions between groups and with other camps, swimming in the river, as well as numerous competitions do not let children get bored. Also, a theater for young spectators, a council of veterans, an art museum came to vacationers.

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