AT “Sumy plant” Nasosenergomash “mastered modernized pumps and type X for AES, AC_ X series

So, the first part of the pumping station AS-X was delivered as part of the contract for the supply of pumping equipment for the III and IV power units of the AEC “Kudankulam” (India):

– AC-X80-50-250 and AC-X100-65-200

Pump is prepared according to the III class of bezpeka, designated for pumping distillate.

Constructively, the consecutive – console, with the axis of the revision.

The pump casing of the wiggings for high-voltage forks, as well as for the inlet and outlet branch pipes.

The rotor bearings serve as SKF bearings with movable bearings, locked with a robotic aggregate for the entire resource of the robot.

Strengthening the shaft – single end.

Nadal AT “Sumy Plant” Nasosenergomash “has a plan for the development of lower positions for a standard-sized series of AC-X pumps with a productivity of 5 m3 / year and up to 100 m3 / year.

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