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The Public Joint Stock Company “NASOSENERGOMASH Pump & Power Engineering Works Sumy” forms part of the HMS Group Public JSC.

Nowadays Public JSC NASOSENERGOMASH Sumy is one of the largest plants in the machine-building complex of Ukraine, which specializes in the manufacture of pumping equipment. In more than 50 countries worldwide, the Company is known as a reliable and trustworthy partner. Over half a million of various pumps have been produced for only six decades. The Company owes its successes primarily to a well-arranged cooperation of the applied science and production. It is on the basis of the design department of NASOSENERGOMASH factory that a specialized design bureau for boiler feed pumps was set up in 1956. In due course it has developed into a widely known Research and Design Institute for Nuclear & Thermal Power Pump Engineering (VNIIAEN). The effective cooperation between persons engaged in production and researchers resulted in the creation and mastering the production of about 300 item names of pumping equipment for nuclear and thermal power generation, oil production, crude oil and refined product pipelining, large-capacity processing lines for production of mineral fertilizers, water supply systems, municipal engineering and other key projects. Due to the successful activities of the VNIIEAN and NASOSENERGOMASH factory, the city of Sumy has become one of the recognized world centres of pump engineering.

NEM Celebrates 60th Anniversary

On 26th of September the immense holiday, devoted to the anniversary of Public JSC “Nasosenergomash Sumy” work, was held in Sumy Theater by Schepkin. At this day the hugest pump engineering enterprise, belonging to machine-building complex of Ukraine, celebrated its 60th anniversary. All generations of employees gathered in the hall. Among them there were those people, who had given not one decade of years working at the plant, those, who are at well-deserved rest now, those, who are still at their working places, continue plant traditions and those, who only begin their work biography. That’s why it is not surprising, the central place in the program of the holiday took rewarding the best from the best. 29 of them were awarded with diplomas, 27 were included to the honour’s board, 308 veterans of the plant received the welfare, 33 were announced the gratitude. 3 people received charts by cabinet council, 15 people – charts by ministry of industrial policy, 11 people received charts from the regional state government, 10 people – from city administration. 330 workers of the plant were awarded to the honorary title “Veteran of Public JSC “Nasosenergomash Sumy”. In honour of the anniversary the title “Honoured worker of Nasosenergomash Sumy” was established, having been given to 7 workers of the plant.

Remember the Beginning

The history of the plant begins in the 40th years. The post-war country was rising from the ashes and was actively rebuilding. Power engineering, having been a leading branch of national economy, developed very quickly. Together with rebuilding of electric power stations, new hydraulic and thermal electric and power stations were building, needed equipment supply. Domestic industry satisfied almost completely the requirements of steam-boilers, turbines, generators. However one had to buy centrifugal pumps for Thermal Power Plants abroad. But this gap had to be bridged urgently. On 10th of June 1949 the edict was issued by Council of Ministers “ Concerning completion of high pressure steam boilers with feeding pumps”, according to which Sumy pumping plant was founded on centrifuge shop basis. Change from the shop into the plant was very quick. The top executives were created in August. V.G. Peleschuk became the first director of the pumping plant. The basis of working collective was finally formed after replacing 329 Frunze (plant) working people, who worked earlier in the centrifuge shop. The first production – transportable dewatering device for Volgo-Donsk channel was manufactured on 15th of November, in 5 days after beginning plant work. The unrealizable aims (we mean manufacturing of 57 pumps) seemed to be set for the 4th quarter of 1949. Among them there are oil, boiler, artesian, feed pumps and pumps for handling clean water. The task was complicated because of the fact that the plant itself was in the process of building and production was produced in the adapted manufacturing facilities. But in spite of this fact the collective coped with this task. In a year the plant staff increased twice – 739 people. The first two fifth years were marked that fact that the plant had mastered the manufacturing of 100 different types of the pumps, general area of the plant increased in 6,5 times, shop area – in 4,6 times.

Nasosenergomash is Not Behind the Time

At this moment Public JSC “Nasosenergomash Pump & Power Engineering Works Sumy” (Vladimir Yamburenko is a chairman of the management board) has a huge experience of designing, manufacturing and running of the pumping equipment. It is installed at Thermal Power Stations and Atomic Power Plants, mainline oil pipelines, stations for keeping seam pressure. From 1973 to 2008 the enterprise had produced more than 1200 different pumps for 440-1000MW power units. In 70th -80th years “Nasosenergomash” involved in equipping power units of Kurskaya, Chernobylskaya, Novovoronezhskaya, Kalininskaya, Leningradskaya and other APP. At the same time the plant started making export pump deliveries for APP “Kozloduy” (Bulgaria), “Paks” (Hungary), “Temelin” (Czechoslovakia), “Loviza” (Finland). Besides the plant keeps in touch with dynamically developed countries of Asia such as : China, India. The pump units of generator halls and emergency safety systems of power units were supplied to Tyanwan APP (China), and Boiler Feed pumps, Booster pumps, Condensate pumps and pumps of safety systems were delivered to Kudankulam APP (India). In 2006 a gross order regarding set of Boiler Feed Pumps and Condensate Pumps, hydraulic couplings delivery for steam-gas electric station “Konasima” (India) was fulfilled. The pumping equipment of generator hall had been shipped by Public JSC “Nasosenergomash Sumy” for the building of thermal power plant in Vietnam. The sphere of service deliveries and services is extended for the power engineering enterprises of Hungary, Bulgaria, Estonia, Macedonia, India. The enterprise also specializes in manufacturing pumping equipment for pipeline transportation and oil recovery. The grossest oil pipelines of Asia and Europe are completed with our mainline pumps. The enterprise takes part in equipping the pipeline “Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean” with pumps, also participates in other huge projects. Interdepartmental acceptance tests of mainline pump of new generation НМ 10 000 – 380 were finished at the first decade of last year. The technical level of HM 10 000 – 380 is accepted to be in accordance with the best world standards. The enterprise has delivered the huge party of equipment for oil industry of Russia. The output of pump unit НЦН-Е, НМ, ЦНС for equipping of Vankor petroleum deposit is mastered. The pump units НПВ 1250-60-М-1 are manufactured for Verhne – Chonsk oil-condensate petroleum deposit. Thanks to the outstanding traditions of the past and working collective of two thousand people, “Nasosenergomash” has become one of the leaders of manufacturing pumping equipment, numbering more than 600 names of product range.


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