“Nasosenergomash” with a wider range of pumping equipment, which is standard API 610

AT “Sumsky Zavod” Nasosenergomash “expand the nomenclature of the pump possessed by the manufacturer, prepared from the standard API 610 standard (11 types).

So, by means of production, separation, integration, installation and installation of the TGE 150-13 unit based on pumps of the design type BB5.

The unit of designations for pumping naphthoproducts with temperatures up to 250 degrees C with parameters: flow – 315m³ / year, napir – 2323m.

The pump in the warehouse of the unit – center-mounted, double-casing, with an internal cartridge-type casing, roztashuvannya number of robots – back-to-back

The unit is supplied with one of the standard sizes for foreign water supply for pumps of type BB4 / BB5, which is standard API 610.

Design by "TriA"