Dear Friends, Colleagues, Partners!

Recently the article, discrediting business reputation of JSC “NASOSENERGOMASH Sumy”, a leader of national pump building, has been published on the yellow pages of Internet resources of Ukraine. The article deals with so called “violations” supposedly committed during supply of pumping units to Zaporozhskaya NPP.

Style of this screed writing, already reprinted by a number of electronic mass media, points that the authors have no any professional skills and understanding of subject. With high probability the article is biased and intended to make money by mercenary parajournalists. In addition to above there is a factless reference for availability of some information at law enforcement authorities. It is becoming apparent that aim of corresponding «work” is to denigrate not only JSC “NASOSENERGOMASH Sumy”, but also our law enforcement.

The mere fact of these articles appearing indicates that while supplying modern high-quality equipment to NPP of Ukraine, JSC “NASOSENERGOMASH Sumy” hinders unfair parties to scroll corrupt practices and make money off energy security of the country.

Additionally draw your attention that pump units of АЦНА 4000-95/8-2а model were shipped to Zaporozhskaya NPP for replacement of the pump of АД4000-95 model, having reached the end of its service life (over 30 years). The design and parameters of supplied equipment comply completely with tendering documentation. In this case NPP received modern and high-quality equipment from Ukrainian manufacturer.

JSC “NASOSENERGOMASH Sumy” was never involved and will never participate in the illegal actions. We are open and ready for cooperation with law enforcement authorities, as well as with mass media.

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