The motor pump unit of АПЭ 315-175 model was supplied to RUE “Mogilevenergo” of Bobruysk TPP-2 subsidiary.

In the framework of project implementation “Bobruysk TPP-2 Repowering”. Replacement of boiler feed pump No.3 and installation of adjustable speed drive”. The motor pump unit of АПЭ 315-175 model was manufactured by JSC “NASOSENERGOMASH Sumy” and shipped to RUE “Mogilevenergo” of Bobruysk TPP-2 subsidiary Republic of (Belarus).

The motor pump unit is equipped with modern hydrodynamic coupling manufactured by VOITH Turbo, as well as with microprocessor system of auto control and regulating by the pump unit of in-house fabrication.

Complex of technical solutions based on the long experience in design and manufacture of pumping unit with using accessories from world branch leaders such as Siemens AG, Schneider Electric, OMRON Corporation, Moxa Inc., as a result, will allow to the Customer to extend significantly operational range of the boiler feed pump and reduce its power consumption in summer time for 18-25% comparatively with the pump, having been operating earlier. 

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