Personnel and Training Sumy is a socially responsible Company.


The Сompany is striving for the compliance with the best practices in the sphere of corporate social responsibility and sustainability, by putting persistently in practice the principle of constructive cooperation with all parties concerned, including its employees, members of their families, population of the regions where the Company is present, the state and society as a whole.

Since the first days of its emerging NASOSENERGOMASH Sumy has been considering its business interests as part and parcel of social and ethical aspects of the same, in realizing that the Company’s employees are the main source and the key to the success.

Principles of work

Provision of favourable working conditions and concern for the life, health and well-being of the employees.

A just motivation, ensuring a worthy material remuneration of labour.

Personnel training and development as a basis for improving professional skills and human fulfilment of each individual employee.

Provision of conditions for an adecuate recreation and development of the employees and members of their families during off-duty hours.

Formation of a common corporate culture among the employees and a feeling of their adherence to the interests of the Company.

Reducing a negative impact of the Company’s production activities on the environment.

Fair constructive partnership relations with customers, suppliers and contractors.

Strict compliance with the laws.

In order to ensure the production of safe and high quality products, as well as to provide occupational safety and conditions for a sustainable use of natural resources, the Company has implemented an integrated management system, accredited by the International Bureau VERITAS, which comprises Environmental Management System elaborated according to the requirements of ISO Standard 14001: 2004  as well as Occupational Health and Safety Management System meeting the requirements of OHSAS Standard 18001: 2007 .

 Much attention is given to the training of the Company’s personnel:

The Company provides training of specialists for operating new equipment. Every year more than 200 persons acquire new professions and improve their skills in blue-collar jobs at the Company. The best employees of the Company receive state prizes and awards. In acknowledgement of their long-term and conscientious work, 159 employees of the Company were conferred the title of Veteran of “NASOSENERGOMASH” and 18 employees were awarded the title of Honored Worker of “NASOSENERGOMASH”.

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