Long Experience and High Standing


At present, the Company has gained a 65-year long experience in designing, manufacture and participation in the operation of pumping equipment.

Pumping equipment of our manufacture is installed at thermal and nuclear power stations, in the long-distance oil pipelines and at the water flood pumping stations for secondary oil recovery.

Due to its remarkable traditions of the past as well owing to its two-thousand-strong work collective NASOSENERGOMASH is known worldwide as a recognized supplier of pumping equipment which numbers over 600 makes (item names) of serially produced products.

Nowadays NASOSENERGOMASH Sumy JSC is one of the largest developing enterprises in the pump engineering sector.


A traditional cooperation of the Company with Research & Design Institute for Nuclear & Thermal Power Pump Engineering (VNIIAEN) ensures:

Our specialists keep on improving serial products and raising their power efficiency and manufacturability.

While developing new pumping equipment and updating the already mastered one, they focus upon POWER EFFICIENCY, ECONOMICAL OPERATION AND ECOLOGICAL COMPATIBILITY.

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